Palm Springs Has Shopping that Fits Everyone’s Needs

Palm Springs is unique in the Valley because we are one of the only cities that boast a thriving Uptown and Downtown area.  From walking along Palm Canyon Drive to visiting our nearby outlet stores and shopping centers, the City has virtually anything you could need or want.

As you walk our “Main Street”, you will encounter many specialty stores that offer one of a kind items sure to please the discriminating shopper.  One such store is Crystal Fantasy. The store features crystals, gems and minerals from around the world.  However, they don’t stop there, how about exotic jewelry, handmade wands, incenses and oils, candles and collectibles?  And if you are looking for just that right style, how about Clark Elliot Concepts or Don Vincent for the men or Revenge Boutique for the women.  You will leave there with the look that you want at a price that won’t break the bank.

If you are shopping for Jewelry or Art, Palm Springs has many offerings to entice you.  The Desert Art Center has many painting and photos available for sale from local artists.  The Michael H. Lord Gallery offers contemporary American and European paintings, sculpture, prints and photography.  Dwight Polen Fine Chinese Antiques offers a collection that features 19th and early 20thJEA Jewelry has unique pieces that will make your friends and neighbors turn their heads and ask “Where did you get that”? century provincial furniture, armoires, altar tables, screens and one of a kind objects/accessories for the home and garden.

If you want some bargains and don’t mind driving some, try the Cabazon Outlets on I-10.  Cabazon offers great outlet stores from Crate & Barrel, Reebok, and Kenneth Cole.  Cabazon is always a fun way to spend the day and return to Palm Springs with some great buys.

Two new shopping centers have recently opened in Palm Springs and they are worth mentioning.  The Springs, near the Palm Springs Airport, has some great stores and restaurants that are sure to please.  Smoke Tree Commons offers an upscale grocery store in Jensen’s Market and will give the shopper fine foods and a great wine selection.

Finally, don’t forget the Palm Springs Art Museum.  The Museum Store offers some great items that will make your trip to Palm Springs, a memorable one.

So when you are ready to spend your hard earned money, come to Palm Springs and reap the benefits.

Best Regards,

John Pivinski
Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce
760-325-1577 ext. 113

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