Palm Springs Enjoys Some World Class Entertainment

As you approach Palm Springs from the West, you are greeted with the beautiful mountains of San Jacinto.   If you come in from the East, you see mountain ranges that reflect the sun in their beauty.  If you fly into our international airport, you are amazed at seeing such a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. However, once you reach the destination known as Palm Springs, you are awestruck at the number of entertainment venues both within the City and less than a 30 minute car ride away.  Within the city, our number one venue that attracts crowds from all over Southern California is the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies which operates in the Historic Plaza Theatre in downtown Palm Springs.  Riff Markowitz, the founder and Managing Director and Mary Jardin, the founder and Marketing Director has put vaudeville back into vogue in Palm Springs.   When they were first putting the show together, pundits said they were crazy. Scoffing, they asked, “Who’s going to pay to see old ladies’ legs?” Well, they couldn’t have been more wrong. The public took the show to its heart, and today, nearly three-million patrons later, the Follies has gained a worldwide reputation for glamour and excitement, has spawned imitators, has been the subject of innumerable magazine and newspaper articles, has been featured in countless television specials, and plays to packed houses at every performance, up to ten shows a week, seven months a year. Go to their video at Fabulous Follies and experience this amazing show in both sight and sound.  And the next time you are in town, make sure you see it.  You will truly be amazed. Next week, I will tell more about the entertainment in Palm Springs.  From Broadway Shows at the Annenberg Theater and the McCallum to small Cabaret at Tony’s Pasta Mia and Dink’s Restaurant.  Trust me, you won’t need Vegas.  Plan a trip today!

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