The Quality of Life in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley

As I sit by the pool basking in the sun and wondering what others are doing North and East of me, I can’t help but be amazed by the wonderful weather Palm Springs has to offer more than 300 days per year.  With average temperatures in the 80’s and Sun shining down almost every day, you start to wonder why anyone would live anywhere else.  Of course we get some extremes every now and then but for unadulterated beautiful weather, Palm Springs just can’t be beat.

However, besides our beautiful weather, Palm Springs offers residents and visitors the culture, sophistication and opportunity usually reserved for large metropolitan areas.  Known as the playground of Presidents, movie stars, the Fortune 500, modern architecture, and the “Golf Capital of the World,” Palm Springs draws visitors from all over the world…and for good reason.  The vibrant community abounds with spectacular topography, outstanding attractions, opulent resorts, extraordinary dining, world class shopping and a prosperous business climate.

The Quality of life in Palm Springs is a top priority, and residents take great pride and interest in all that their city has to offer.  The community offers a perfect balance between casual lifestyle and business environment, combining a flourishing economy with plentiful recreational opportunities.

The city’s resurgence in Mid-Century Modern Architecture and “Modernism Week’ has become a significant influence in attracting worldwide visitors.  Albert Frey, Robinson C. Chambers, John Porter Clark, E. Stewart Williams, Donald Wexler, William Cody, Frank Lloyd Wright and other influential architects are representative of the homes and commercial buildings found in Palm Springs…and inspiring future and current projects on the drawing board planned for downtown.

Whether you want to take a carriage ride along Main Street or hike the San Jacinto Mountains, Palm Springs has so much to offer that tourists keep coming back and locals can’t get enough.  So when you plan your next vacation, think Palm Springs and come join us around the pool!

Best Regards,

John Pivinski
Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce
760-325-1577 ext. 113

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