City of Palm Springs Facade Improvement Program

Last week, after 4 years as the CEO of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, the current Board of Directors and I decided to part ways.  The reasons were varied but it came down to the fact that the vision I had for the Chamber’s role in the Business community was dramatically different from the vision the Board had.  This sometimes happens in the world of non-profits and I have no regrets.  However, I do see it as a stepping stone to a new business philosophy for Palm Springs.

As I look around our city, I see numerous opportunities for new and existing businesses to take part in a classic resurgence.  The City of Palm Springs is offering some great incentives to businesses who have established businesses here and also to new investors who see our beautiful city as the gateway to the Coachella Valley.  For instance, the Facade Improvement Program offers businesses matching funds to improve their storefronts.  The program is very simple and completing the paperwork is a breeze. 

Eligible uses of funds are for:

• Exterior Signs (installation of new or repair or replacement of legally installed and mounted signs; including neon or halo lit signs);
• Awnings, canopies, or sunshades (installation of new or repair or replacement of fixed metal or fabric awnings), which could include perpendicular wall-mounted castle banners (without signage);
• Painting or exterior surface treatment (stucco, tile, stone, or brick replacement or repair);
• Asphalt paving, replacement or repair of tiles or decorative pavers (not in the public right-of-way); sidewalk or courtyard repaving (not in the public right-of-way);
• Repair or replacement of masonry walls or footings;
• Outdoor lighting (installation of new exterior lighting fixtures; repair or replacement of existing exterior lighting fixtures);
• Installation, repair or replacement of decorative or security fencing;
• Replacement of plate glass windows; re-glazing of windows or change of window mullions with the approval of architectural application by the City;
• Installation or replacement of outdoor landscaping and fountains.

Just contact Cathy Van Horn at or 760-323-8175 for more information.

If you have ever considered opening a business in Palm Springs, now is the time.  If you have any questions on this program or others, just write me and I will get you directed to the right people.  Or you can visit the city website at Business.

There is much for you to learn about Business in Palm Springs and I promise to give you more information as time goes on.

Thanks for reading.

John Pivinski

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