American Saver Klub - As a Palm Springs Valley Business, You Should be Part of This!

In my last blog, I wrote about American Saver Klub and what a value it is for both businesses and consumers.  I thought it would create a buzz in Palm Springs and businesses would be flocking to get on the band wagon.  Well, it hasn’t turned out that way.  I have had very few businesses inquire about the program and I am trying to figure out way they haven’t signed up.

As I mentioned last time, businesses can sign up for the $95 program which gets them listed on the American Saver website and also gives them 5 free cards to use as gifts or to sell to patrons.  If they sell them, they completely recover their initial investment.  The $195 program gives them the same benefits but adds a 2” x 4” space where they can upload an Ad, photo, menu, etc.  Also, they get 7 additional cards to use as they please.

Well since they didn’t come flocking when I released this info, I have decided to sweeten the pot.  Since my goal is to have 500 businesses take part in the program, I am offering local businesses the $95 program with the 2” x 4” Ad.  They would have had to spend another $100 to get the ad but I thought, why not.

So, if you give me a call and mention this blog, I will personally sign you up for the program and include the 2” x 4” Ad.  What could be better than that!

And as far as the cards, I am pleased to report that Palm Desert High School has decided to sell 3,000 cards to help with their fund raiser efforts.  Knowing High School kids, I think the 3,000 cards will be sold in no time at all.  I expect Palm Springs schools will jump on the band wagon soon.

So come on businesses, get on the phone and call me at 760-641-8709.  You won’t want to miss out on being able to supply services to the many card holders out there.  Let’s get as much repeat business into your locations as possible!

Thanks for reading.

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

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