A Palm Springs Valley Well Kept Secret

Since I left the Chamber in June, I have been looking for opportunities to use my marketing skills to help myself as well as local businesses.   I talked about the American Saver Klub program and what a boost it would be for the businesses that sign up.  As of this blog, I am pleased to report that Palm Springs High School has agreed to sell the Klub cards as a way to bring in much needed funds for school programs.  I am glad to be part of this program and hope the schools sell thousands of cards.  For each $19.95 card they sell, the school will receive $10.00!  What a great way to supplement funds that have been lost due to a down economy.

Today, I wanted to let my readers know about some great values in the desert.  Recently, I experienced “Happy Hour” at the Camelot Theaters in Palm Springs.  This well kept secret is an amazing value.  Every week, from Wednesday to Saturday, the upstairs area of the theater off of Baristo in the Old Palm Springs Mall, has a wonderful happy hour that lasts from 3pm to 8pm.  All of the appetizers are $4 and drinks are $4 for wine and cocktails.  But it’s the food that will grab your attention.  The Maryland style crab cakes are moist and filled with lumps of crab meat and two large sized cakes cost $4.00!  The Thursday Pasta Night gives a heaping helping of pasta with your choice of sauce for only $5.00 and the Friday Fish Taco night is delightful and well attended.  Again only $5.00 for two huge tacos.

Executive Chef Hector Salvatierra creates some of the most gourmet offerings you can imagine – so good, in fact, it’s really time to consider the Camelot for its contribution to the desert’s gourmet restaurant scene.  See you there!

Thanks for reading.

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

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