Opening a Business in Palm Springs: Getting Started

Opening a business in a new city can be very daunting.  In order to assure a smooth opening, the following steps are recommended by the City of Palm Springs:

  1. Make Contact with a Planning Department Professional. Provide the address of the site you are considering and get a zoning clearance. Different zones allow different business. You don’t want to sign a lease in a zone that doesn’t allow your type of business. 
  2. Pay your Business License Tax. You’ll do this after receiving a zoning clearance. Print an application from the City’s Business License Department.   You should budget anywhere between $300 to over $900, depending on the number of your employees. Contractors and Professional Businesses are charged on a separate fee scale. Please contact a Business License Department Professional for a list of fees. 
  3. Zoning Sign-off. Once you pay your Business License you need to take it back to a Planning Department Professional and have it signed off. 
  4. Need a Sign? A Planning Department Professional will be happy to assist you in determining your signage needs.   Sign permit fees can range from $315 to $958 for multi-tenant complexes. A Planning Department Professional can provide more information if you are located in a multi-tenant complex.   Temporary Signs & Banners will run $34 and may be used ONLY ONCE AND ONLY FOR 30 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. 
  5. Restaurants -Grease trap – If you need a grease trap, a Building Department Professional will be happy to guide you.   Outdoor seating requires a “Land Use Permit” (LUP) which costs $696 unless the restaurant you are leasing has an existing LUP that you may transfer for $122.   Restaurants must also contact the Riverside County Health Department (RCHD) to obtain a list of their requirements and fees. RCHD approval is required for the building department to issue a permit.   The ABC (Alcohol & Beverage Control) must be contacted if you wish to provide liquor in your restaurant. 
  6. Building Alterations & Expansions – Any time the exterior of a commercial building is altered on the outside or whenever a building is enlarged, the City requires Architectural Review. For more information on alterations and/or expansions, please contact a Planning Department Professional. A Minor Architectural approval is required for exterior alterations that do not add square footage to the building. An application is available on the City’s website.

I hope you find this information helpful in opening your business in the City of Palm Springs. City staff really wants to create a positive experience in opening a business in this amazing city. For more information go to their website at City of Palm Springs Information.

Best regards,

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

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