City of Palm Springs Job Creation Incentive Program

The Job Creation Incentive Program, created by the City in 1999 and amended in 2010, provides for reimbursement of building and development fees to a company that locates or creates a minimum of 50 new full-time jobs within certain industries and certain zones within the city.  It was created as an incentive to retain Bird Medical Products after they merged with another company. The assistance led to the relocation of nearly 100 jobs from the Riverside area to Palm Springs.

The most recent application is from The Abbey Company, which undertook improvements to facilitate the location and expansion of Desert Medical Group, Inc. to the Airport Park office complex.  Under these agreements, Desert Medical Group pledges to create a minimum of 50 jobs at the site, for which the property owner would receive a reimbursement of building and development fees up to $1,000 per certified job created by Desert Medical Group.  In 2010, the Council amended the program guidelines in order to further foster business development and job creation in the City of Palm Springs, by reducing the employment requirement from a minimum of 100 full-time jobs to a minimum of 50 full-time jobs. In addition, the program was originally structured for Owner-Operators of businesses, so the guidelines needed to be amended to accommodate a landlord/tenant/TI relationship.  The applicant’s tenant exceeds the minimum number of jobs created for the owner to qualify for the reimbursement.

For more information on this program, please contact  Cathy Van Horn, Economic Development Administrator with the City of Palm Springs.  Cathy can be reached at or 760-323-8175.

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