E-Mail Marketing gets you the most bang for your buck

Over the past 5 years, I have been using email marketing to help my clients reach a targeted audience in the Coachella Valley.  Some clients want to reach homeowners, others want to reach restaurants, and still others want the broadest reach I can provide.

What these clients have in common is the knowledge that they are getting their message to people who want to hear what they have to offer.  From an expense standpoint, email marketing is much less expensive then print, TV or radio because the Internet is still basically a free commodity.

I currently offer my clients the ability to reach out to over 17,000 households and businesses in the Coachella Valley.  Depending on how many emails they wish to send, the cost ranges from 0.032 per contact up to $0.065 per contact.  For instance, if my client wants to send one email blast to 1,000 people, the cost would be $65.00.  However, if the clients wants to send 4 emails to that same group of 1,000 people over a 4 week time period, the cost per email would only be $35.00.  Over that one month period, the client only spends $140 to reach 1,000 people 4 times.  In advertising they say repetition is the key to success.  As you can see, this repetitive way of reaching the public has a cost effective balance to it that cannot be equaled by other forms of media.

So the next time you are considering how to spend your advertising dollars, try email blasting for the best bang for your buck.

Best regards,

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

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