Demand is the Key Element in Job Growth

I have been following congress the past few months while they struggle with different philosophies dealing with how to create new jobs.  The conservative side says to give tax breaks to the rich and small businesses and that will translate into new jobs being created.  As a small business owner, I know that their argument is inherently false.  The only way to get me to hire people in my business is for the public to demand more of my services.  If I get enough email blast orders, I would need to hire more copy writers to help me get the work done.  I would need to buy more capacity on my email blasting system in order to get all the emails out for my clients.

So if we agree on demand being the key to job growth, then how do we get the increased demand?  I think it is relatively simple.  Give tax breaks to the middle class and watch them spend.  The middle class is the key to job growth.

And trust me, the small and large business owners will create the jobs when demand exceeds their capacities.  It’s simple economics.

Thanks for reading.

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

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