The Hard Rock’s Tasteless Display

psI would like to welcome the Hard Rock to Palm Springs, a true oasis and one of the most beautiful destinations on Planet Earth.  I received an email today from my cousin Jerry who writes for the music section for regarding an article in the British publication The Daily Mail covering their grand opening.   The grand opening of The Hard Rock Palm Springs featured pictures of Audrina Patridge and other attendees, donning eye goggles and hard hat, smashing twelve guitars on the Hard Rock’s stage with the headline “She Rocks”!

What marketing genius came up with this idea? As Michael Seven, I was a singer/songwriter for many years in New York City and Hollywood. There was a time when the only thing I owned was a guitar. Great music comes from struggle, and in my opinion the display at Hard Rock is distasteful, trite, and decadent. This is not Pete Townshend and the 60s. They could just as well have lit a barn fire full of old 45” vinyl records and thrown Liberace’s cape on top. This is what they consider controversial? They obviously generated attention, and in that respect they succeeded, but did this display earn respect in Palm Springs? No, at least not from this former musician. It would have been far better to give away those twelve guitars to some struggling musicians. Imagine the music they could have produced!

There is a great deal of history and creativity in the Palm Springs area with its famous galleries and museums.  I would hope the Hard Rock continues with its legacy and would be mindful of its artists.

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2 comments to The Hard Rock’s Tasteless Display

  • Mark Roberton

    I’m split on this;
    Whereas I feel the sentiment about musical instruments -the real crimes taking place (all too regularly) are the hiring of no-talent ‘celebs’ like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton at obscene prices to simply cut tape and mug with their smugness.
    Were these guitars custom shop or ’58 vintage pieces? Movies will waste millions blowing up or turning over cars – it’s all the same extravagant waste!

  • Sarah

    The guitars were used and they did donate the exact amount, and more, to a local high school music department.