The Hard Rock’s Tasteless Display

I would like to welcome the Hard Rock to Palm Springs, a true oasis and one of the most beautiful destinations on Planet Earth.  I received an email today from my cousin Jerry who writes for the music section for regarding an article in the British publication The Daily Mail covering their grand opening.   The […]

Palm Springs style will guide Desert Fashion Plaza redo - Part 2

Allen also emphasized that the firm isn’t going it alone.

They have met with Wessman Development officials weekly to discuss […]

Palm Springs style will guide Desert Fashion Plaza redo

Award-winning architects from Arizona have convinced city leaders and a prominent local developer they can bring magnificent change to downtown Palm […]

Demand is the Key Element in Job Growth

I have been following congress the past few month while they struggle with different philosophies dealing with how to create new […]

Business is Booming in Palm Springs

With the economy beginning a comeback, the Valley is experiencing a very busy season.  Every weekend is booked to capacity and no end is in sight.  Even during the week, many hotels are booked and restaurants are having great seasons.
The demolition of buildings in the old Fashion Plaza has begun and the excitement that is […]

A Great Way to Combine Discounts and Get Great Deals

Over the past couple of years, many companies have sprung up that offer daily deals to customers who subscribe for the on line service. These deals range from restaurants, spas, hotels, salons and just about anything you can […]

E-Mail Marketing gets you the most bang for your buck

Over the past 5 years, I have been using email marketing to help my clients reach a targeted audience in the Coachella Valley.  Some clients want to reach homeowners, others want to reach restaurants, and still others want the broadest reach I can provide.

What these clients have in common is the knowledge that they are […]

Measure J Passes in Palm Springs

The voters went to the polls last Tuesday and passed Measure J. This penny sales tax will raise $200 Million over the next 20 years and will be the driving force in revitalizing downtown Palm […]

City of Palm Springs Job Creation Incentive Program

The Job Creation Incentive Program, created by the City in 1999 and amended in 2010, provides for reimbursement of building and development fees to a company that locates or creates a minimum of 50 new full-time jobs within certain industries and certain zones within the […]

The Staggering Dollar Value of Email Marketing

Most everyone on the planet is aware of the Google juggernaut, a gargantuan company that has dominated the online sphere for years. […]