The Best of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley

Recently, the Desert Sun published the Best of the Valley for 2010.  Of the more than 222 winners, many were Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce members and I would like to devote this week’s blog to them.

All in all, 1,132 entries were organized under 78 categories.  Over 229,500 votes were cast and we congratulate the […]

The Quality of Life in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley

As I sit by the pool basking in the sun and wondering what others are doing North and East of me, I can’t help but be amazed by the wonderful weather Palm Springs has to offer more than 300 days per year.  With average temperatures in the 80’s and Sun shining down almost every day, […]

Palm Springs Enjoys Some World Class Entertainment

As you approach Palm Springs from the West, you are greeted with the beautiful mountains of San Jacinto.   If you come in from the East, you see mountain ranges that reflect the sun in their beauty.  If you fly into our international airport, you are amazed at seeing such a beautiful oasis in the middle […]

Healing Waters Beneath the Desert of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley

Palm Springs shares a feature with other valley cities in that we are the fortunate benefactor of some wonderfully healing waters beneath the desert floor.  Our valley enjoys being one of the only places in the world with sparkling, natural hot mineral waters enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.  Because of these healing waters, a […]

Palm Springs Has Shopping that Fits Everyone’s Needs

Palm Springs is unique in the Valley because we are one of the only cities that boast a thriving Uptown and Downtown area.  From walking along Palm Canyon Drive to visiting our nearby outlet stores and shopping centers, the City has virtually anything you could need or want.

As you walk our “Main Street”, you will […]

Palm Springs Has Attractions That Keep Our Locals and Tourists Busy

When I first arrived in the Desert in 2001, I was amazed by the beauty of the mountains and the lushness of the area. I always assumed that a desert would be dry and barren and not green and beautiful. Even though we have evolved over the years to be less reliant on water, the […]

Palm Springs Has a Unique Group of Hotels To Fit Any Need

As a tourist destination, Palm Springs has evolved over the years with a great selection of Luxury Hotels as well as Bed & Breakfasts, Historic Inns, Family oriented and Pet Friendly accommodations that cater to a wide range of needs. From the beautifully restored Riviera Resort and Spa to the ultra hip Ace Hotel and […]

Palm Springs is an Art Lovers Destination

Since we get so many visitors to Palm Springs, it’s not surprising that wonderful Art colonies have sprung up all over the city. From storefronts on Palm Canyon Drive (the Michael H. Lord Gallery pictured on the right) to the Backstreet Art District on the South Side of the City, Artists have flocked to show […]

Palm Springs - A great place to live and work!

As I sit here and write my inaugural blog, I can’t help but think that I live and work in an extraordinary place.  Not only does Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley have the best weather in the country right now, we have the best views, best attractions and the best businesses.

As you walk along […]