Palm Springs Has All the Shopping You Could Want

Since it is the Holiday Season, I thought I would tell my readers about the wonderful shopping areas that Palm Springs Offers. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm SpringsAs one of the only real “downtown” areas in the valley, Palm Springs offers over 400 specialty shops and restaurants all within walking distance of the center of the downtown area. Additionally, if you go to the “uptown” area, you will find furniture, art and some fabulous resale shops that specialize in beautiful collectibles.  Try visiting for more information.
If you leave Palm Springs and travel a few miles west, you will come upon the Cabazon and Desert Hills Premium outlets which have over 200 stores that should help you fill any Christmas wish.

For more information, go to
Then of course, if you go East of Palm Springs along Highway 111, you will come upon The River in Rancho Mirage which has some wonderful upscale shops that can cater to any budget as well as some of the most outstanding restaurants to tempt any palate.  Find out more information at
Finally, if you continue East of Rancho Mirage, you will come upon Westfield Mall and the shops of El Paseo. The El Paseo shops are considered the Rodeo Drive of the Valley and have clothing, furniture, art, restaurants and just about anything that makes the Holiday season wonderful.  Go to for more info.

So if you can get away for a few days to the desert, remember that there is a wealth of shopping opportunities available to everyone.
Happy Holidays!

John Pivinski

Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

A Palm Springs Marketing Tool That Really Works!

As a small business, I know the importance of marketing and public relations.  I am very adept at putting together email blasts to targeted audiences and press releases that get the media involved.  I am always looking for ways to help my clients reach the broadest group of consumers so that they can get their message across to people who will use their products and services.

One of the best ways to reach the multitude is  As many of you are aware, when a consumer wants to search for particular items, they will use Google or Yahoo to help their search to find exactly what they are looking for.

In any city, most people will search that city name to find what they are looking for.  That’s why city names get so many hits and is no exception.  On any given day, between 3,000 and 6,000 hits will occur on  In the scheme of things, this is enormous!

Finding any type of business or event in the valley can be found on  That is why I constantly tell businesses that if you want the biggest bang for your marketing buck, use

Over the last year, I have helped many businesses place ads on the site and they have reaped the benefits.  If you would like to learn more about using to help promote your products and services, give me a call or send me an email and let’s make your vision a reality.

Thanks for reading.

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

A Palm Springs Valley Well Kept Secret

Since I left the Chamber in June, I have been looking for opportunities to use my marketing skills to help myself as well as local businesses.   I talked about the American Saver Klub program and what a boost it would be for the businesses that sign up.  As of this blog, I am pleased to report that Palm Springs High School has agreed to sell the Klub cards as a way to bring in much needed funds for school programs.  I am glad to be part of this program and hope the schools sell thousands of cards.  For each $19.95 card they sell, the school will receive $10.00!  What a great way to supplement funds that have been lost due to a down economy.

Today, I wanted to let my readers know about some great values in the desert.  Recently, I experienced “Happy Hour” at the Camelot Theaters in Palm Springs.  This well kept secret is an amazing value.  Every week, from Wednesday to Saturday, the upstairs area of the theater off of Baristo in the Old Palm Springs Mall, has a wonderful happy hour that lasts from 3pm to 8pm.  All of the appetizers are $4 and drinks are $4 for wine and cocktails.  But it’s the food that will grab your attention.  The Maryland style crab cakes are moist and filled with lumps of crab meat and two large sized cakes cost $4.00!  The Thursday Pasta Night gives a heaping helping of pasta with your choice of sauce for only $5.00 and the Friday Fish Taco night is delightful and well attended.  Again only $5.00 for two huge tacos.

Executive Chef Hector Salvatierra creates some of the most gourmet offerings you can imagine – so good, in fact, it’s really time to consider the Camelot for its contribution to the desert’s gourmet restaurant scene.  See you there!

Thanks for reading.

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

American Saver Klub - As a Palm Springs Valley Business, You Should be Part of This!

In my last blog, I wrote about American Saver Klub and what a value it is for both businesses and consumers.  I thought it would create a buzz in Palm Springs and businesses would be flocking to get on the band wagon.  Well, it hasn’t turned out that way.  I have had very few businesses inquire about the program and I am trying to figure out way they haven’t signed up.

As I mentioned last time, businesses can sign up for the $95 program which gets them listed on the American Saver website and also gives them 5 free cards to use as gifts or to sell to patrons.  If they sell them, they completely recover their initial investment.  The $195 program gives them the same benefits but adds a 2” x 4” space where they can upload an Ad, photo, menu, etc.  Also, they get 7 additional cards to use as they please.

Well since they didn’t come flocking when I released this info, I have decided to sweeten the pot.  Since my goal is to have 500 businesses take part in the program, I am offering local businesses the $95 program with the 2” x 4” Ad.  They would have had to spend another $100 to get the ad but I thought, why not.

So, if you give me a call and mention this blog, I will personally sign you up for the program and include the 2” x 4” Ad.  What could be better than that!

And as far as the cards, I am pleased to report that Palm Desert High School has decided to sell 3,000 cards to help with their fund raiser efforts.  Knowing High School kids, I think the 3,000 cards will be sold in no time at all.  I expect Palm Springs schools will jump on the band wagon soon.

So come on businesses, get on the phone and call me at 760-641-8709.  You won’t want to miss out on being able to supply services to the many card holders out there.  Let’s get as much repeat business into your locations as possible!

Thanks for reading.

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

Palm Springs Valley Businesses - American Saver Klub - A.S.K.

Recently, I came across a novel way to help local business while also giving local consumers a break.  The American Saver Klub or A.S.K. is a great way to get discounts at merchants all over the Coachella Valley.  The premise is simple and easily affordable by both businesses and residents. 

Here is how it works.  The business signs on for a one year contract – only $95 or $195 per year.  The $95 Membership allows them to advertise their promotion on the A.S.K. website and in the A.S.K. business directory.  Plus they get 5 free membership cards for their own use to sell or give away.  The interesting part of this is that if they sell the cards at the regular $19.95 price, the membership is FREE.  Can you believe it is that simple?  The $195 membership gives the business the same deal except they also get a 2″x4″ space in the A.S.K. directory that allows them to upload an ad, photo, menu, or anything they want to help promote them.  Additionally, instead of 5 free membership cards, they get 12 cards to give away or sell!  This not only pays for the membership but gives them a few extra bucks for their efforts.  Pretty sweet deal. 

In both cases, all American Saver asks is that the business provides a promotion that will attract consumers to frequent their businesses.  I saw offers like 2 for 1 meals, 20% off accounting services, and buy three tires, get one free!  Your business promotion can be as creative as you like, but whatever you offer, it should be something that YOU find attractive.  It really is this simple!  On the other side, the consumer can purchase the discount card either on-line or from many of the participating businesses.  It only costs $19.95 per year and you can get that back in as little as 3-4 meals or any one of the great offers being made by the participating business.  After that, it is all savings for the consumer.

I am excited to be part of this promotion and I am using all of my connections in the Valley to get as many businesses and residents to sign up for the program.  In this tough economy, I see this as a great way for both the business and the consumer to win.  Feel free to contact me at if you want to sign on or have any questions.  I hope by the end of this year, we have over 500 businesses and 5,000 consumers on board.  This can be fun and very profitable from both sides of the equation.  Get your card and show it around.  It will save you money and bring business to the merchants who need it.  Thanks for your support!

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

MainStreetChamber - A New Way To Network for Palm Springs Businesses

For the last few weeks, I have been writing about some of the programs offered by the City of Palm Springs.  These programs are designed to help both existing and new businesses improve their bottom line in Palm Springs.

As I searched for other opportunities to help business in Palm Springs, it occurred to me that there are a number of ways businesses can help themselves through networking opportunities and great customer service.

A new opportunity that has recently come to Palm Springs that affords great networking is a membership organization called MainStreetChamber.  This group, which originated in Las Vegas has come on the scene in many cities around the country and is here to promote and help small businesses.  Their third meeting in Palm Springs was held last night at the Hotel Zoso and I was pleased to see the turnout and the interest in the group.  The first half hour we enjoyed complimentary cocktails and meeting and greeting old and new friends.  Then, we moved to a more private room where we had a few introductions from the President of the group.  After that, we sat at tables of four and exchanged business cards and a 1-2 minute intro to our businesses.  At about the 5 minute mark, we were asked to go to different tables and start the process over again.  By the end of the half hour, I had given out over 40 business cards and had made quite a few new acquaintances.  The final half hour was a power point presentation giving us details on the group and awarding a few raffle prizes.

As we were leaving, we were given our free membership certificates and an invite to attend the next monthly meeting.  All in all, it was a fun group with contacts being made.  I would highly recommend it to any small business that wants to meet other small businesses in the area.

For more information, go to  Tell them John Pivinski sent you!

Special announcement:  I opened my new marketing firm this week.  Vision Marketing of Palm Springs will allow me to use my experience over the last 8 years as a Chamber of Commerce Executive to help small business prosper in these hard economic times.  I am getting my website ready but I have already begun helping businesses with their marketing and PR endeavors.  If you are looking to increase your business through email marketing or need an event planned, please call or email me and learn what I can offer.

Thanks for reading.

John Pivinski
Vision Marketing of Palm Springs

City of Palm Springs Retail Lease Incentive Program

In my last post, I mentioned that I was no longer with the Palm Springs Chamber and that I wanted to change the flow of my blogs to help businesses within Palm Springs and those thinking of relocating to our beautiful city. I received some good feedback from readers and a strong positive affirmation that I am heading in the right direction.

This week, I wanted to tell you about the Retail Lease Incentive Program. Within the last few months, the Palm Springs City Council established “Sustainable Economic Recovery” as its priority for the community. Part of this effort is the Commercial -Retail Lease Incentive Program which provides a cash incentive to brokers who produce new leases for businesses that generate Palm Springs sales tax. The pilot program was created to help Palm Springs attract new business and create new jobs. The program eligibility guidelines are:

1. A cash incentive payment will be made to real estate brokers who negotiate a new lease for commercial-retail properties in Palm Springs.

2. The cash incentive payment schedule is as follows:

a.  1 year lease $ 700

b. 2 year lease $1,000

c. 3 year lease $1,500

d. 4 year lease $2,000

e. 5 year lease $2,500

3. The broker receives the cash incentive payment when the following conditions have been met:

a. Certification by the landlord that a new lease for ____ years has been fully executed,

b. proof of the tenant’s Palm Springs business license,

c. proof of franchise tax sales license and

d. the tenant has opened its doors for business.

4. The incentive program applies to new fully executed leases. Renewals or subleases are not eligible.

The Palm Springs City Council has set a current budget of $30,000 for the Commercial Retail Lease Incentive Program. The program is available NOW.

For information or to apply for the cash incentive program please contact Cathy Van Horn, Economic Development Administrator at Community & Economic Development Department at 760-323-8175 or email Cathy Van Horn at (Tell her John sent you!).

In the next few weeks look for a new Marketing/PR firm to hit the streets of Palm Springs. Afterall, 4 years of making contacts and learning about Palm Springs should not go to waste.
Thanks for reading


John Pivinski


City of Palm Springs Facade Improvement Program

Last week, after 4 years as the CEO of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, the current Board of Directors and I decided to part ways.  The reasons were varied but it came down to the fact that the vision I had for the Chamber’s role in the Business community was dramatically different from the vision the Board had.  This sometimes happens in the world of non-profits and I have no regrets.  However, I do see it as a stepping stone to a new business philosophy for Palm Springs.

As I look around our city, I see numerous opportunities for new and existing businesses to take part in a classic resurgence.  The City of Palm Springs is offering some great incentives to businesses who have established businesses here and also to new investors who see our beautiful city as the gateway to the Coachella Valley.  For instance, the Facade Improvement Program offers businesses matching funds to improve their storefronts.  The program is very simple and completing the paperwork is a breeze. 

Eligible uses of funds are for:

• Exterior Signs (installation of new or repair or replacement of legally installed and mounted signs; including neon or halo lit signs);
• Awnings, canopies, or sunshades (installation of new or repair or replacement of fixed metal or fabric awnings), which could include perpendicular wall-mounted castle banners (without signage);
• Painting or exterior surface treatment (stucco, tile, stone, or brick replacement or repair);
• Asphalt paving, replacement or repair of tiles or decorative pavers (not in the public right-of-way); sidewalk or courtyard repaving (not in the public right-of-way);
• Repair or replacement of masonry walls or footings;
• Outdoor lighting (installation of new exterior lighting fixtures; repair or replacement of existing exterior lighting fixtures);
• Installation, repair or replacement of decorative or security fencing;
• Replacement of plate glass windows; re-glazing of windows or change of window mullions with the approval of architectural application by the City;
• Installation or replacement of outdoor landscaping and fountains.

Just contact Cathy Van Horn at or 760-323-8175 for more information.

If you have ever considered opening a business in Palm Springs, now is the time.  If you have any questions on this program or others, just write me and I will get you directed to the right people.  Or you can visit the city website at Business.

There is much for you to learn about Business in Palm Springs and I promise to give you more information as time goes on.

Thanks for reading.

John Pivinski

Palm Springs Restaurant Week

The Greater Palm Springs area will be celebrating 10 days of delicious dining from Friday, June 4th to Sunday, June 13th. The second year in a row, Restaurant Week is a culinary celebration featuring restaurants from the entire Valley from Palm Springs to Indio!

The Tropicale

Participating restaurants are offering a three-course menu at the fixed price of either $24 or $36 per person (tax, beverages and gratuity are not included).

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to experience some of the best restaurants the desert has to offer. Restaurant Week is the perfect time to visit your favorite restaurant or try something new, as chefs prepare delicious three-course meals for your dining pleasure at a fixed price.

Matchbox Restaurant

Restaurant Week is organized by the Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Association, whose mission is to promote and advance the restaurant and hospitality industry in the Coachella Valley.

Trio Restaurant

If you are looking for particular restaurants or need a location or phone number, try the Chamber’s Restaurant Guide. This was just recently updated and you will find everything you need to have a great meal in the Palm Springs area.

Bon Appetit!

John Pivinski
Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce
760-325-1577 ext. 113

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Joshua Tree National Park, A Natural Beauty Near Palm Springs

A couple of weeks ago, I had the fortunate opportunity to visit Joshua Tree National Park.  The tour I participated in was called the Superintendent’s Tour and I was simply amazed.  I had no idea that we had such a beautiful park in our backyard and I would encourage everyone to make time on your trip to the Palm Springs area to visit this wondrous place.

When I arrived for the tour, we boarded a small bus and it began the trek through the park.  The scenery was beautiful and the “famous” Joshua Trees were everywhere.  The trees are amazing and are members of the lily family.  This tree provides a good indicator that you are in the Mojave Desert, but you can find it in other places like western Arizona or the San Bernardino Mountains.  Years ago, the Joshua tree was recognized by American Indians for its useful properties; tough leaves were worked into baskets and sandals, and flower buds and raw or roasted seeds made a healthy addition to the diet.  By the mid-19th century, Mormon immigrants had made their way across the Colorado River.  Legend has it that these pioneers named the tree after the biblical figure, Joshua, seeing the limbs of the tree as outstretched in supplication, guiding the travelers westward.  The tallest Joshua tree in the park looms a whopping forty feet high, a grand presence in the Queen Valley forests; it is estimated to be about 300 years old.  Many birds, mammals, reptiles and insects depend on the Joshua tree for food and shelter.  If you go, keep your eyes open for the yellow and black flash of a Scott’s oriole busy making a nest in the tree’s branches.  At the base of rocks you may find a wood rat nest built with the spiny leaves.  As evening falls, the desert night lizard begins poking around under the log of a fallen Joshua tree in search of tasty insects.

After riding for some 30 minutes, we arrived at our first destination:   Hidden Valley. This beautiful maze of rocks had many hikers and rock climbers.  It was great to see everyone enjoying the rocks and hidden valley was aptly named.  Once you got through a small crevice, you entered an area that was completely surrounded by rocks.  It was indeed a “hidden valley”.  We hiked for a while through this area and our guide told us that in the old west, cattle rustlers would bring their herds here and “hide” them in the valley surrounded by rocks.  Hence the name was born.

After we left Hidden Valley, we stopped at a campground for lunch and then went on to Keys Ranch.  This ranch was a working ranch for many years and Mr. Keys raised his family there.  It has been left pretty much untouched since he lived there and it was fun to poke through the area and see how he lived in days gone by.

Our final stop for the day was Keys View.  This mile high vantage point had amazing views and our guide showed us how you could actually see the San Andreas Fault as it meandered through the desert below.

So don’t forget, if you get to Palm Springs and have some time to spare, visit Joshua Tree National Park.  Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Best Regards,

John Pivinski
Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce
760-325-1577 ext. 113

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