View Full Version : Economical hotel room that still feels safe for women alone

August 16th, 2006, 03:01 PM
Me and a bunch of females are having a bachelorette party in September at Zeldaz...160 N palm canyon. We plan to spend the night so that we don't have to drive after drinking to riverside, ca. We need to find a hotel/motel within walking distance from Zeldaz, but we won't have too much money. I was thinking the Monte Vista because I have stayed there in the past but the number I have is disconnected...is it still there? :confused: If so, can you give me a number, and if not can you suggest a place that isn't too much money, but is still safe for women to stay at alone? Thank you

Kate Buckley
August 17th, 2006, 10:03 AM
Sounds like fun! For reasonably priced accommodations, walking distance from the Zelda's area, I'd try:

7 Springs: http://palmsprings.com/7springs/index.html

The Del Marcos: http://palmsprings.com/delmarcoshotel/index.html

Palm Mountain Resort: http://palmsprings.com/palmmountain/index.html

Have a great time!

Kate Buckley
PalmSprings.com Hotels & Resorts Editor